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Chamberlin House, Inc. (CHI) manages safe and secure homes throughout the Albany community to meet the needs of adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities. At CHI, we provide care that is tailored to meet the desires of each person.

Located in residential neighborhoods that allows for full participation in the community; our homes can accommodate from three to five people. Each person enjoys a personalized private bedroom.

For a more independent living alternative, Mitchell Place features one or two bedroom apartments. Individuals sharing units have a choice of roommates.


Sander House



    The third CHI home, Sander House, was established as a result of the generosity of a grant from the Sander Foundation.

    One staff person described the atmosphere as “beyond family.” He noted that all the residents really like each other and even interact like siblings. At Sander House, our residents are a true “family.”

Lehigh House



    Lehigh House became the fourth home operated by CHI. The purchase of this home was made possible by the first Oregon Community Integration Plan.

    Lehigh House is located in a quaint neighborhood across from tree-filled Draper Park. Lehigh is home to five residents.

Scheler House



    Scheler House was named after long-time CHI volunteer and CHI Past Board President, Karen Scheler. The home was also made possible by the second Oregon Community Integration Plan.

    Scheler House has a great backyard that allows residents lots of opportunities to enjoy the sun or even do a little gardening.

Goode House

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    Opened in 2017, Goode House is home to three residents. Named in honor of the Goode Family who established the first Chamberlin House in 1979 and continue to support our mission of providing support for adults with disabilities.

Mitchell Place



    CHI-3-15-160_webMitchell Place is named after Joyce and Bill Mitchell who are ardent supporters of Chamberlin House.

    Mitchell Place which consists of five, one bedroom and four, two bedroom apartments was made possible by the second Oregon Community Integration Plan and a grant from Oregon Housing.

    This is a wonderful option for those who desire a more private living alternative.

Nancy’s Place

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    Nancy’s Place named in honor of Nancy Goode opened its doors in 2017. This modern open concept house is home to three residents and provides individualized supports. The home features vaulted ceilings, a spacious kitchen with large island, two bathrooms and patio in the fenced backyard.

“Joey has lived at Chamberlin House for over 20 years and it gives me great peace of mind to know that she is in a safe, friendly, encouraging community. I feel that I’m successful as a mom, because she’s become such a successful, functioning person. It makes me smile to say that.”


Our supports are flexible and easily modified to meet the changing abilities, interests and unique needs of each person. Services are based on what is important to the person and for the person. Our supports build on the individual’s strengths and capabilities to enhance independence. Each person has an Individual Support Plan (ISP) that guides us in helping them obtain life goals and aspirations.

We strive to provide services of the highest quality and to encourage self-determination and choice for the individual. Our staff provides around-the-clock care support and assistance with:

  • All aspects of daily living including grooming, toileting and eating
  • Meal preparation, housekeeping and laundry
  • Financial management, healthcare coordination, and personal safety
  • Maximizing skills, abilities and independence

Health and Wellness:

CHI staff provides supports to promote healthy living and to prevent illness and accidents. We assist individuals to take an active role in their health care decisions. We monitor medical conditions, administer medication per individual protocols and provide in-home care. We assist in scheduling, keeping and following through on all health appointments.


small pic JG centerCHI staff provides support in a range of educational, volunteer and job opportunities, leisure activities and hobbies for each of our residents.

We offer frequent social and community activities. The Jimmy Goode Activity Center operated by CHI hosts monthly special events, birthday parties, dances, bingo, movies and more.


Van 1 - Copy2CHI operates a fleet of vehicles that allow our residents access to community outings and appointments. We operate two 14 passenger buses with wheelchair access, two transit vans that can accommodate up to four wheelchairs and multiple mini-vans that ensure we can get everyone where they want to go.


Without the love and support of our knowledgable staff, our homes would simply be places to exist. At CHI, we strive to make sure each individual we serve thrives. And that each day, while they live with us, a new experience is offered to our residents to give their lives meaning and joy.

Our wonderful staff is a big part of what makes CHI so special. The love, respect, and tenderness they show to our residents must be seen to be believed. Everyday these “guardian angels” watch over our residents, making sure they are safe and that their needs are meet.

Here are just a few examples of folks who live our homes and apartments and the personal strides they’ve made since coming to live at Chamberlin House Inc. Their positive testimonials truly reinforce that quality staffing, housing, food, and services can help make an individual’s life blossom.